What are good hybrid bike brands?
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What are good hybrid bike brands?

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Selection Criteria

Cyclist orange wear riding bike
Cyclist orange wear riding bike

We have set these selection criteria for choosing the best brands to ensure customers get excellent-quality bikes and the best protection and experience.

Brand’s experience

Some of the very first questions you should be asking are: How experienced is the bike manufacturer? In our choosing process, we’d look at how long they have been in business or how many bikes or series they have produced.

For example, Schwinn is a very good manufacturer with over 100 years of experience. They are certainly a giant with a ton of experience under their belt.

Another good indicator is the brand’s presence around the world. A good brand will very much be able to expand to more countries and serve more customers. Mongoose, a 40-year-old company, is another awesome brand present in over 15 countries, including the US.

What others are saying

You can also check what other customers are saying on their websites. If there’s a particular bike that you like, look for the reviews. Amazon reviews are also a good place to search.

We also look at forums like Reddit, Quora to see how folks are talking about the bikes and the makers. What are the pros and cons of the bike? Their YouTube channel or Twitter page is also a helpful place to listen to riders’ voices.

The best brands are those that help customers solve their problems and have gathered very good publicity.

Consumer protection & warranty

The best customer service any brands can offer is customers not having any issues with their bike. Although this is desirable, nothing is entirely perfect. When issues occur, you’d want to have a brand that is on your side and is willing to solve the problems for you.

Great brands do their best to guarantee customer satisfaction. For example, they have a 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty on frames, free replacement, refund, or assembly support. All of this fully covers you from any frustration or dissatisfaction.

Best Hybrid Bike Brands

Bike cassette chain gear shift
Bike cassette chain gear shift


Schwinn is on the top of our list because of its high-quality bikes and legacy. It also meets our other criteria and more.

Regarding hybrid bikes, you’ll find Schwinn bikes priced around $100 to over $200. They have great models for both men and women.

Their bikes are well-made and super easy to put together. You’re covered by a lifetime warranty on frames. Thousands of riders have given them 5 stars in their reviews.

What Schwinn could improve, however, is the paint job. Also, they should make sure no customers receive missing parts in their shipments. Other than that, a solid brand that you can trust.

Some great Schwinn hybrid bikes are:

  • Network 3.0 700C
  • Wayfarer Hybrid 700C (#1 best seller)
  • Admiral Women’s Hybrid Bike


Mongoose is a no less good brand than Schwinn. They have over 40 years of experience in making bikes.

These guys are specialized in the mountain, BMX and urban bike categories. Their hybrid bikes get a little bit of good out of everything.

The price range for Mongoose bikes is a bit on the higher side. You’ll find them around $200 or over $700. The mountain part of their hybrid bikes is definitely the one that’s costing riders some real bucks.

Some good Mongoose bikes we can recommend are:

  • Reform Expert 700C Wheel Frame Hybrid Bicycle
  • Artery Comp Gravel Road Bike
  • Reform Comp 700C Wheel Hybrid Bicycle


Unlike Schwinn and Mongoose, sixthreezero is a relatively young brand established in 2005. They, however, make super quality and premium bikes.

The bike designs also carry this very youthful and energetic vibe. For younger riders who want style and functionality, this is the brand for you.

sixthreezero’s bikes are also quite expensive. You should expect to pay about $300 to over $400 for a bike. Their products, however, are trusted and loved by thousands of customers.

In fact, sixthreezero’s bikes are one of the most popular choices and best sellers on the market today. You’ll certainly get a lot of bike for your buck. Their customer service is super helpful.

Check out these amazing bikes if you’re interested:

  • EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle
  • ExploreyourRange
  • AroundtheBlock


Diamondback Bicycle Lux Women’s Mountain Bike
Diamondback Bicycle Lux Women’s Mountain Bike

Raleigh is another giant in the bike industry. They were founded way back in 1887. Their bikes just speak for themselves. Amazing quality!

Their hybrid bikes are around $400 to $500. Some other models for fitness cost less. You’ll often find 4 sizes of Raleigh bikes. For women, XS and S would be great. For bigger men, M and L are perfect choices.

What we love about Raleigh is that their bikes are so easy to assemble. It takes around 30 minutes or so. Also, their bikes sport really great gears and specs like Shimano shifters and Tektro brakes.

Quite honestly, there’s nothing much to complain about Raleigh bikes. We think you won’t regret choosing them.

Take a peek:

  • Alysa 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike
  • Route 2
  • Cadent 2 Fitness Hybrid Bike


This is quite a young brand (est. 2007), however, their bikes are excellent and get the job done well. This is also a good option for those who are looking for some cheaper but good quality bikes.

Vilano bikes cost around $200 and more. Compared to Raleigh or Mongoose, they are certainly more affordable for many.

They have all the good specs on the bikes. For example, Shimano shifters, Kenda tires, Weinmann rims, etc. For this price point, these offer exceptional value.

The assembly part can be tricky, so be sure to follow the instructions closely. In a nutshell, a very nice brand that you can count on.

Check these bitchen bikes out:

  • Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike
  • Urban Commuter Single Speed City Road Bicycle
  • Pulse Women’s Electric Commuter Bike

Honorable Mentions

Some other great brands you can look more into are: TREK, Murtisol, Retrospec, and Kent.


you can achieve much better speed on your bikes
you can achieve much better speed on your bikes

What are some of your favorites brands? Regardless of your choice, hopefully, you were able to pick out the best ones that fit your needs and styles.

Remember to check the companies’ profiles and customer protection policies. See also others’ reviews to figure out how the company is treating their customers and their bikes’ quality.

Schwinn and Vilano are great options for budgets of around $100 and $200. For over $200, you can go with Mongoose, Raleigh, or sixthreezero.

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