Young at Heart

Posted July 21st, 2013 @ 9:24pm by Holmes

Growing up in central New South Wales means there’s not the abundance of spots to ride, this either makes or breaks a rider very quickly in their BMX experience. Luckily, those it makes, usually make their mark on riding or their local scene in a big way. Young is one of these unassuming pockets, where the man on the street will wave and smile to a passer by and where the scene isn’t dictated by any particular trend. It’s here you’ll find the Kerr brothers, Will and Chris along with their epic back yard trails. Will Herrmann spent some time out there recently and pulled this amazing edit together that is a part of the even more amazing story that he, Dave C and Raine Turnbull worked on that you’ll find inside the new issue of 2020.

To add that little extra depth, alongside the printed pages and the edit, we have a little gallery of photos that didn’t make it into print. Kick back, whistle some Neil Young and enjoy the slideshow on the following page!


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