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Brisbane Mixtape from Damien Kluver

If there was one city in Australia that had a scene like no other, one that every time I go there feels more vibrant and inclusive, it has to be Brisbane. So many good spots, parks, riders, times… Don’t believe me? Check this mixtape out for further evidence. All captured for our viewing pleasure by Damian Kluver, who gets his.... Read more!


It’s been a while since Harry Main dropped a bombshell edit on the world. However the wait, as usual, has been worth it with Harry unloading a whole truckload of kick arse riding that really can only be seen to be believed. Big transfers that would have once been simply gaps, now see combo tricks throw across them. Massive boosted airs.... Read more!

Kyle Baldock wins Dew Tour dirt in Portland

As the results start appearing online for the Portland stop of the Dew Tour, the highlight so far is Kyle Baldocks runs and subsequent win. So dialled. So far above an beyond what many thought would possible on a bike, especially in a comp run, over every set and the quarter… Massive congratulations to Kyle for continuing to push whats possible and.... Read more!

Dale O’Brien earning his rack…

Carting your bike around in the back seat is all good, until you trash the seats and roof liner with grease and rip it all to shreds. So the bike rack option is the way forward. Leading the way is Yakima with their seemingly endless line of racks that deal with our trusty BMX’s on your roof or out back. Queensland’s Dale.... Read more!

Adam Hough versus the USA

You could be forgiven for thinking the US only has massive, dialled parks judging by the majority of web edits we see from over there. And as such, many who travel across the Pacific Ocean seem to migrate to these parks. But not Adam Hough. Bear witness to a ton of ratty, weird and wonderful parks and spots that Adam seems.... Read more!

Make it Happen full length DVD online

Friday night viewing can sometimes leave you wanting, especially if you watch mainstream TV. So to ease your pain and make sure you’ve got a full length edit to bring on the weekend, we bring you Make it Happen.. The premise was to make a global BMX production, the brains behind it being Greg Illingworth and filmer Will Evans with photographer George Marshall on.... Read more!

Eat Children Mixtape

Is the web edit becoming the new zine for BMX? In some ways, I’d say it’s true. If this were the case, then The Eat Children Mixtape’s seven and half minute edit would definitely be in the running for that status with real mixtape feel, cut and paste vibe, bringing together a scene into a coherent piece that is so.... Read more!


It’s always refreshing to see an outsiders view on a scene/place you love. So I’m pretty into this gritty edit from US based Shamil Hazim (Jersey if I recall?) who spent a chunk of this year living in Sydney and sampling what the city by the sea has to offer on and off the bike with a good crew of locals..... Read more!

Cam Whites Hillside Jam Gallery

Cam Whites Milwauke Hillside Jam has become something of an institution for those of the extra large dirt inclination. We had a collection of incredible photos of the event from Cam Pianta which had been laying dormant in the 2020 server intended for the next print mag which were almost forgotten about, but finally make their way to you. As does a.... Read more!

Holy Fit Sydney Premiere!

The much hyped and eagerly awaited Fit Bike Co DVD Holy Fit is finally making it’s presence felt around the world on the 23rd of August with simultaneous premiere’s around the globe. Sydney’s premiere is hosted by the rad dudes at Hell on Wheels and to up the anté they will be screening this sure to be masterpiece at the iconic.... Read more!



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Holy Fit Australian Premiere

Holy Fit Australian Premiere

In the making for four years. Count em, four! Thats some serious commitment right there. And if time equates quality and quantity, then Fit’s new full length DVD Holy Fit should be the international release of the year. The Fit Bike Co stacked pro and am teams are all involved including Jack Elkins who spent a chunk of time in.... Read more!
BMXPO 2014!

BMXPO 2014!

See what’s happened? One mention of old school and the whole old school BMX scene ignites! September in Sydney is going to be wild if you’re into the amazing history BMX has on these shores. The 14th of September sees the third annual BMXPO at Fairfield show ground. While the previous events have grown to over 300 bikes and hundreds of crew.... Read more!
1986 King of the Skateparks Reunion

1986 King of the Skateparks Reunion

The last week has had me talking with more than a few old school heads about good times past. By old school I don’t mean 96, I’m talking the 80′s man…. Yep, BMX was going off way bigger than it is today, it was the first wave of BMX and it hit mainstream Australia big time, I even vaguely remember.... Read more!