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Calvin Kosovich: Nothing Left To Lose

Damn, this is unreal! Over the past two years, Calvin Kosovich has been gradually stacking clips for this five-minute burly street section for Vans and Kink Bike Co. Calvin destroys spots in Perth, Melbourne, up and down the coast of California, and even America’s east coast. Calvin recently obtained an athlete Visa and made the move from Perth to Cali. You.... Read more!

Jake Anderson: Welcome to Local BMX

Jake Anderson from Western Australia pieced together this awesome edit over the past couple of months for Local BMX. While Jake may be most at home shredding a set of trails, he’s damn good at riding concrete bowls, too. Keep on smiling and keep on shredding, dude!

Sydney Sunday Sessions: The ‘Burgh Jam

I was out of town over the weekend, so I unfortunately missed the first of the Sydney Sunday Sessions (a concept recently conceived by Matt Holmes, Brodie Butterfield and Josh Druce) held at Helensburgh skatepark, and man am I bummed… It looked like a rad day was had with a solid bunch of Sydney crew in attendance. Word on the street.... Read more!

Danny Campbell at the Castle Cove trails

Check out Danny Campbell shredding Castle Cove’s trails on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The trails were (obviously) suffering from a bit of neglect, but after a sweep and a water down, they were good enough for Danny to cut loose on.

Alex Hiam: 2014 Colony Edit

Queensland’s Alex Hiam was putting some serious work into his 2014 Colony BMX edit before he broke his wrist earlier this year, bringing everything to a halt. The young ripper had a good chunk of clips that he had collected in Australia and America to work with, though, and was able to release this edit that’s surely making kids all around the world.... Read more!

Thomas Glew: 2014 DDASC Sessions

Aussie superstar, Thomas Glew, has been in America for the past couple of months, absolutely destroying the all-new Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex in Holly Springs, North Carolina. He lays down some really solid moves in this new edit filmed by Daniel Chiarelli. My favourite clips are the definitely the ones that are followed by Glewy smiling and getting stoked on what.... Read more!

The Division Project: World mix section

While Division may be an Australian based company, it’s presence is worldwide thanks to dialled distribution around the world. Alongside the product is an ever growing team of shredders representing the Division Brand, and what better way to showcase their talent than a mix section with everyone firing off their best. Super packed edit with way too much to even.... Read more!

Spring session at the Hermitage Trails

The Hermitage Trails have been getting some coverage as of late with the rad little feature Ethan Allen put together recently and now this Spring session edit. Ethan and Nathan Parker floating over the very dialled sets to one killer song by The Vaccines. Looks like this backyard dream set up just keeps on evolving and expanding.

Mark Freeman: MyStyle

Tasmanian based Mark Freeman has been constantly upping his game along with dropping edits to prove it. Rocking his local with some sweet lines and an ever growing bag of tricks. Proof that you don’t need to be part of a big city scene to progress and love BMX.

Reize Energy Giveaway

We’ve had a lot of questions coming in about the Reize energy powder we ran last week, so what better way to explain what it is than give some away. It’s a simple premise, stash a packet in you pocket, ride and when you’re running low on energy, simply add the powered to some water and boom, you’re back on.... Read more!



Upcoming Events

DownUnderGround: The video round

DownUnderGround: The video round

The DownUnderGround contest series has been rolling in Australia since 2008. And for 2014 it’s already underway with Round 1 taking place in Sydney back in January and round 3 coming up in Melbourne on the 29th of November. As Australia is so geographically massive it can be difficult and expensive for riders to travel to lots of contests during the year so the.... Read more!
Sydney Rides Festival

Sydney Rides Festival

I love irony. I make mention of not much going on in Sydney and I get an email moments after posting The Burgh Jam with an event happening… The Sydney Rides Festival, while mostly non-BMX related is one pretty damn big festival celebrating all areas of bicycle culture in Sydney, and for 2014 they’ve added a little bit of 20inch.... Read more!
The ‘Burgh Jam

The ‘Burgh Jam

Sydney may be the biggest city in Australia, but at times it can feel like the smallest. Why you ask? Well the simple lack of shit going on most of the year BMX wise! So in an attempt to bring the Sydney scene back to life the Sydney Sunday Sessions have come about. Kinda the result of a late Sunday.... Read more!